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Meng, Liqiu - Map-based Mobile Services, ebook

Map-based Mobile Services

Meng, Liqiu


Context-Aware Applications Enhanced with Commonsense Spatial Reasoning
Matteo Palmonari, Stefania Bandini
7. Personalising Map Feature Content for Mobile Map Users
Joe Weakliam, David Wilson, Michela Bertolotto
8. A Survey of Multimodal Interfaces for

Zekavat, Reza - Handbook of Position Location: Theory, Practice and Advances, ebook

Handbook of Position Location: Theory, Practice and Advances

Zekavat, Reza


Radio systems capable of localization have emerging applications in homeland security, law enforcement, emergency response, defense command and control, multi-robot coordination and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian collision avoidance. In fact, high resolution localization is

Sheriff, Ray E. - Mobile Satellite Communication Networks, ebook

Mobile Satellite Communication Networks

Sheriff, Ray E.


Mobile satellite services are set to change with the imminent launch of satellite personal communication services (S-PCS), through the use of non-geostationary satellites. This new generation of satellites will be placed in low earth orbit or medium earth orbit, hence, introducing new satellite

Gartner, Georg - Location Based Services and TeleCartography II, ebook

Location Based Services and TeleCartography II

Gartner, Georg


Ways of Walking – Developing a Pedestrian Typology for Personalised Mobile Information Systems
Alexandra Millonig, Georg Gartner
7. Mapping Pedestrian Movement: Using Tracking Technologies in Koblenz
Stefan Spek
8. Evaluation of User Variables in

Jimenez, Tania - Network Games, Control, and Optimization, ebook

Network Games, Control, and Optimization

Jimenez, Tania


Table of contents
1. Finite Improvement Property in a Stochastic Game Arising in Competition over Popularity in Social Networks
Eitan Altman, Atulya Jain, Yezekael Hayel
2. Dynamic Games for Analyzing Competition in the Internet and in On-Line Social Networks
Eitan Altman, Atulya Jain, Nahum Shimkin, Corinne