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Meng, Liqiu - Map-based Mobile Services, ebook

Map-based Mobile Services

Meng, Liqiu


Context-Aware Applications Enhanced with Commonsense Spatial Reasoning
Matteo Palmonari, Stefania Bandini
7. Personalising Map Feature Content for Mobile Map Users
Joe Weakliam, David Wilson, Michela Bertolotto
8. A Survey of Multimodal Interfaces for

Zekavat, Reza - Handbook of Position Location: Theory, Practice and Advances, ebook

Handbook of Position Location: Theory, Practice and Advances

Zekavat, Reza


Radio systems capable of localization have emerging applications in homeland security, law enforcement, emergency response, defense command and control, multi-robot coordination and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian collision avoidance. In fact, high resolution localization is

Sheriff, Ray E. - Mobile Satellite Communication Networks, ebook

Mobile Satellite Communication Networks

Sheriff, Ray E.


Mobile satellite services are set to change with the imminent launch of satellite personal communication services (S-PCS), through the use of non-geostationary satellites. This new generation of satellites will be placed in low earth orbit or medium earth orbit, hence, introducing new satellite

Adali, Tülay - Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions, ebook

Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions

Adali, Tülay


Adaptive Signal Processing presents the next generation of algorithms that will produce these desired results, with an emphasis on important applications and theoretical advancements. This highly unique resource brings together leading authorities in the field writing

Gartner, Georg - Location Based Services and TeleCartography II, ebook

Location Based Services and TeleCartography II

Gartner, Georg


Ways of Walking – Developing a Pedestrian Typology for Personalised Mobile Information Systems
Alexandra Millonig, Georg Gartner
7. Mapping Pedestrian Movement: Using Tracking Technologies in Koblenz
Stefan Spek
8. Evaluation of User Variables in