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Balzani, Vincenzo - Molecular Devices and Machines, ebook

Molecular Devices and Machines

Balzani, Vincenzo


Following an introduction to the general concepts, the authors go on to discuss devices for processing electrons and electronic energy, memories, logic gates and related systems, and, finally, molecular-scale machines.

Joachim, Christian - Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines, ebook

Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines

Joachim, Christian


The DUF Project: A UHV Factory for Multi-Interconnection of a Molecule Logic Gates on Insulating Substrate
D. Martrou, L. Guiraud, R. Laloo, B. Pecassou, P. Abeilhou, O. Guillermet, E. Dujardin, S. Gauthier, J. Polesel Maris,