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Banerjee, Santo - Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012, ebook

Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012

Banerjee, Santo


Complex Adaptive Leadership for Performance: A Theoretical Framework
Füsun Bulutlar, Rıfat Kamaşak
10. Chaos According to Teachers Attending PhD Programs and the Chaos Management in School
Elif Gamze Özcan, Hilal Zehra Uzun
11. Chaos Approach in

Vlamos, Panayiotis - GeNeDis 2016, ebook

GeNeDis 2016

Vlamos, Panayiotis


Psychodynamic Leadership Approach and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX): A Psychiatric Perspective on Two Leadership Theories and Implications for Training Future Psychiatrist Leaders
Christos Plakiotis
9. An Approach of Non-Linear

Peixoto, Mauricio Matos - Dynamics, Games and Science I, ebook

Dynamics, Games and Science I

Peixoto, Mauricio Matos


Bargaining Skills in an Edgeworthian Economy
M. Ferreira, B. Finkenstädt, B. M. P. M. Oliveira, Alberto A. Pinto, A. N. Yannacopoulos
22. Fractional Analysis of Traffic Dynamics
Lino Figueiredo, J. A. Tenreiro Machado
23. The Set of Planar Orbits of