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Spencer, John - Global Positioning System, ebook

Global Positioning System

Spencer, John


Takes readers step-by-step through the key stages of a GPS fieldwork project. Explains complex background topics in clear, easy-to-understand language. Provides simple guidelines for GPS equipment selection. Provides practical

Cowen, Richard - History of Life, ebook

History of Life

Cowen, Richard


The book’s coverage includes geography, climate, atmosphere, ocean, and land (a changing stage) while following interplay between organisms. Also new to this edition is a dedicated website which explores additional environmental factors and supplemental topics, and

Cartmill, Matt - The Human Lineage, ebook

The Human Lineage

Cartmill, Matt


It draws upon the fossil record to shed light on the key scientific issues, principles, methods, and history in paleoanthropology. The book proceeds through the fossil record of human evolution by historical stages representing

Yúfera, Manuel - Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research, ebook

Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research

Yúfera, Manuel


Variability in Digestive Enzyme Capacity in Early Stages of Marine Fish Larvae: Ontogenetic Variations, Biorhythms, Hormonal Control and Nutrient Sensing Mechanisms
Bernd Ueberschär, Carmen Navarro-Guillén, Ana Gomes, Ivar Rønnestad, Carlos Rojas-Garcia, Inken

Gini, Fulvio - Knowledge Based Radar Detection, Tracking and Classification, ebook

Knowledge Based Radar Detection, Tracking and Classification

Gini, Fulvio


Discover the technology for the next generation of radar systems
Here is the first book that brings together the key concepts essential for the application of Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) to radar detection, tracking, classification, and scheduling. The book highlights the latest

Amendt, Jens - Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology, ebook

Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology

Amendt, Jens


Table of contents
1. Early Postmortem Changes and Stages of Decomposition
M. Lee Goff
2. Keys for Identification of Immature Insects
Patricia J. Thyssen
3. Key for the Identification of Third Instars of European Blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of Forensic Importance
Krzysztof Szpila
4. The Utility