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Quay, Rüdiger - Gallium Nitride Electronics, ebook

Gallium Nitride Electronics

Quay, Rüdiger


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. III-N Materials, and the State-of-the-Art of Devices and Circuits
3. Epitaxy for III-N-Based Electronic Devices
4. Device Processing Technology
5. Device Characterization and Modeling
6. Circuit Considerations…

Ehrentraut, Dirk - Technology of Gallium Nitride Crystal Growth, ebook

Technology of Gallium Nitride Crystal Growth

Ehrentraut, Dirk


Table of contents
1. Development of the Bulk GaN Substrate Market
Andrew D. Hanser, Keith R. Evans
2. Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaN
Akinori Koukitu, Yoshinao Kumagai
3. Growth of Bulk GaN Crystals by HVPE on Single Crystalline GaN Seeds
B. Łucznik, B. Pastuszka, G. Kamler, I. Grzegory, S. Porowski

Fujikawa, Yasunori - Frontiers in Materials Research, ebook

Frontiers in Materials Research

Fujikawa, Yasunori


Bulk Zinc Oxide and Gallium Nitride Crystals by Solvothermal Techniques
D. Ehrentraut, T. Fukuda
II. Materials for Ecological and Biological Systems
10. High-Quality Si Multicrystals with Same Grain Orientation and Large Grain Size by the Newly Developed