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Moule, Ian A. - Women in Space — Following Valentina, ebook

Women in Space — Following Valentina

Moule, Ian A.


Table of contents
1. Into the wide blue yonder
2. A seagull in orbit
3. The Right Stuff, the wrong sex
4. The rocket-plane and the Space Shuttle
5. Shuttlenauts
6. Sally and Svetlana
7. Shuttle specialists and passengers
8. Stations…

Morison, Ian - Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology, ebook

Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology

Morison, Ian


Introduction to Astronomy & Cosmology is a modern undergraduate textbook, combining both the theory behind astronomy with the very latest developments. Written for science students, this book takes a carefully developed scientific approach to this dynamic…

Wardle, Brian - Principles and Applications of Photochemistry, ebook

Principles and Applications of Photochemistry

Wardle, Brian


A modern introduction to photochemistry covering the principles and applications of this topic from both a physical chemistry and organic chemistry angle. Coverage ranges from subjects such as lasers, the atmosphere, biochemistry, medicine and industry…

Cochetti, Roger - Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook, ebook

Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook

Cochetti, Roger


With a Preface by noted satellite scientist Dr. Ahmad Ghais, the Second Edition reflects the expanded user base for this technology by updating information on historic, current, and planned commercial and military satellite systems and by expanding sections…

Sundararajan, D. - A Practical Approach to Signals and Systems, ebook

A Practical Approach to Signals and Systems

Sundararajan, D.


In A Practical Approach to Signals and Systems, Sundararajan details the discrete version first followed by the corresponding continuous version for each topic, as discrete signals and systems are more often used in practice and their concepts are relatively easier

Foster, John W. - Microbial Physiology, ebook

Microbial Physiology

Foster, John W.


The Fourth Edition of Microbial Physiology retains the logical, easy-to-follow organization of the previous editions. An introduction to cell structure and synthesis of cell components is provided, followed by detailed discussions of genetics, metabolism,

Shapley, John R. - Inorganic Syntheses, ebook

Inorganic Syntheses

Shapley, John R.


Volume 34 continues to report such procedures with an up-to-date selection of contributions by internationally-recognized researchers, including the following:

Falus, Andras - Immunogenomics and Human Disease, ebook

Immunogenomics and Human Disease

Falus, Andras


This book provides an overview of key conceptual and molecular technologies being deployed in immunogenomics, followed by detailed evaluations of the impact of genomics and systems biology on important areas such as cancer immunology, autoimmunity, allergy and the response to infection.