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Vinzi, Vincenzo Esposito - Handbook of Partial Least Squares, ebook

Handbook of Partial Least Squares

Vinzi, Vincenzo Esposito


Modeling Customer Satisfaction: A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Covariance Structure Analysis Versus Partial Least Squares
John Hulland, Michael J. Ryan, Robert K. Rayner
16. PLS in Data Mining and Data Integration
Svante Wold, Lennart Eriksson,

Banerjee, Santo - Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012, ebook

Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012

Banerjee, Santo


Would the Organizational Commitment and Occupational Burnout Perceptions of Firm Owner’s with 10–49 Employees Be High at the Same Time? Why Not? (Example of Ankara)
Sabri Çelik
43. Ethics and Leadership
Nursel Yardibi
44. Situational Leadership

Harsanto, Puji - ICoSI 2014, ebook

ICoSI 2014

Harsanto, Puji


User Interface Evaluation of Indonesian Online News Portals: Case Study of Vivanews and Detikcom
Muhammad Yazid, Rizky Arya Pratama, Slamet Riyadi
46. Waste Prevention Effectiveness of Batik Production in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mohammad Rianda Al Rasyid,