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Silva, Silvio Silvério da - D-Xylitol, ebook


Silva, Silvio Silvério da


Table of contents
1. Deconstruction of the Hemicellulose Fraction from Lignocellulosic Materials into Simple Sugars
Francisco M. Gírio, Florbela Carvalheiro, Luís C. Duarte, Rafał Bogel-Łukasik
2. Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of Agro-Residues for the Depolymerization of Hemicellulose: State-of-the-Art
Anuj K. Chandel,

McCann, Maureen C. - Plants and BioEnergy, ebook

Plants and BioEnergy

McCann, Maureen C.


Developing Novel Enzyme Repertoires for the Efficient Deconstruction of Plant Biomass Tailored for the Bioenergy Industry
Harry J. Gilbert
13. Using Natural Plant Cell Wall Degradation Mechanisms to Improve Second Generation Bioethanol
Adriana Grandis,

Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash - Waste to Wealth, ebook

Waste to Wealth

Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash


The Pretreatment Technologies for Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Manali Kapoor, Surbhi Semwal, Ruchi Gaur, Ravindra Kumar, Ravi P. Gupta, Suresh K. Puri
18. Bioethanol Production from Sugarcane Green Harvest Residues Using Auxin-Assisted Pretreatment