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Hjort-af-Ornas, Anders - Turning Hydropower Social, ebook

Turning Hydropower Social

Hjort-af-Ornas, Anders


Table of contents
1. Sustainable Development Issues in Hydropower Planning
Anders Hjort-af-Ornas
2. Social Catchments of Hydropower
Anders Hjort-af-Ornas
3. Hydropower and Regional Development for Poverty Reduction
Anders Hjort-af-Ornas
4. Decentralisation and a Rights Approach in Hydropower Development

Muradian, Roldan - Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services, ebook

Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services

Muradian, Roldan


Watershed Development, Decentralisation and Institutional Change: Insights from the Mechanism Design Theory
Jayanath Ananda
8. Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Marine Protected Areas: Implications for Good Coastal Resource Governance
Maria Zita Toribio,