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Brockington, Dan - Capitalism and Conservation, ebook

Capitalism and Conservation

Brockington, Dan


Through a series of case studies from around the world, Capitalism and Conservation presents a critique of conservation’s role as a central driver of global capitalism.Features innovative new research on case studies on the connections between capitalism

Brevini, Benedetta - Carbon Capitalism and Communication, ebook

Carbon Capitalism and Communication

Brevini, Benedetta


Carbon, Capitalism, Communication
Graham Murdock, Benedetta Brevini
Part I. Communication and Carbon Capitalism: Contested Futures
2. An Interview with Michael E. Mann: Fighting for Science Against Climate Change Deniers’

Berberoglu, Berch - Globalization in the 21st Century, ebook

Globalization in the 21st Century

Berberoglu, Berch


Global Capitalism in Crisis: Globalization, Imperialism, and Class Struggle
Berch Berberogiu
7. Globalization and China: From Neoliberal Capitalism to State Developmentalism in East Asia
Alvin Y. So
8. Globalization

Cartier, Carolyn - Globalizing South China, ebook

Globalizing South China

Cartier, Carolyn


This insightful account demonstrates that capitalism in China has a history and a geography, and combines perspectives from both to demonstrate that regional economic restructuring in South China is far from an economic 'miracle's.
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Scott, Allen J. - The Constitution of the City, ebook

The Constitution of the City

Scott, Allen J.


Table of contents
1. City and Society
Allen J. Scott
2. In Search of the City
Allen J. Scott
3. Industrialization and Urbanization in Early Capitalism
Allen J. Scott
4. Triumph and Tribulations of the Mass-Production Metropolis
Allen J. Scott
5. Cities in a Globalizing World

Gordy, Michael - Disaster Risk Reduction and the Global System, ebook

Disaster Risk Reduction and the Global System

Gordy, Michael


Global Capitalism and Disaster Risk
Michael Gordy
7. Political Will and Governance
Michael Gordy
8. The Importance of Extensive Risk
Michael Gordy
9. The Invisibility of Disaster Risks
Michael Gordy
10. Urbanization and Land Use

Chari, Sharad - Other Geographies: The Influences Of Michael Watts, ebook

Other Geographies: The Influences Of Michael Watts

Chari, Sharad


Shows how Michael Watts’ research, writings, teaching and mentoring have relentlessly pushed boundaries, transforming his chosen field of geography and beyond Spans an array of topics including the political economy and ecology of African societies, governmentality and territoriality in various Southern

Sawyer, Stephen W. - In Search of the Liberal Moment, ebook

In Search of the Liberal Moment

Sawyer, Stephen W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: New Perspectives on France’s “Liberal Moment”
Stephen W. Sawyer, Iain Stewart
2. Taking Anti-totalitarianism Seriously: The Emergence of the Aronian Circle in the 1970s
Gwendal Châton
3. Plettenburg not Paris: Julien Freund, the New Right, and France’s Liberal Moment

Hurley, Patrick T. - A Comparative Political Ecology of Exurbia, ebook

A Comparative Political Ecology of Exurbia

Hurley, Patrick T.


Competing or Compatible Capitalisms? Exurban Sprawl and High-Value Agriculture in Southwestern Oregon
Innisfree McKinnon
6. “In the Real Estate Business Whether We Admit It or Not”: Timber and Exurban Development in Central Oregon
Brent Olson