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Peles, John D. - The Allegheny Woodrat, ebook

The Allegheny Woodrat

Peles, John D.


Table of contents
Section I. History and Current Status
1. History and Current Status of the Allegheny Woodrat
Janet Wright
2. Multiple Causes of the Allegheny Woodrat Decline: A Historical–Ecological Examination
Kathleen LoGiudice
Section II. Ecology
3. Woodrat Population Dynamics and Movement Patterns

Jimenez, Tania - Network Games, Control, and Optimization, ebook

Network Games, Control, and Optimization

Jimenez, Tania


Bounded Generalized Kelly Mechanism for Multi-Tenant Caching in Mobile Edge Clouds
Francesco Pellegrini, Antonio Massaro, Leonardo Goratti, Rachid El-Azouzi
10. Power Control and Bargaining for Cellular Operator Revenue Increase Under Licensed Spectrum Sharing

Fabrikant, Sara Irina - The European Information Society, ebook

The European Information Society

Fabrikant, Sara Irina


Enabling P2P Cooperative WMS Proxy Caching and Prefetching in an Educational Environment
Jeffrey A. Bergamini, Dr. Michael Haungs
2. An ontological-based approach to Geographic Information Science curricula design
Marco Painho, Paula Curvelo, Ignacio Jovani