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Montanari, Angela - Data Science, ebook

Data Science

Montanari, Angela


Missing Data Imputation and Its Effect on the Accuracy of Classification
Lynette A. Hunt
2. On Coupling Robust Estimation with Regularization for High-Dimensional Data
Jan Kalina, Jaroslav Hlinka
3. Classification Methods in the Research on the Financial

Kestler, Hans A. - Analysis of Large and Complex Data, ebook

Analysis of Large and Complex Data

Kestler, Hans A.


Latent Variables and Marketing Theory: The Paradigm Shift
Adam Sagan
2. Business Intelligence in the Context of Integrated Care Systems (ICS): Experiences from the ICS “Gesundes Kinzigtal” in Germany
Alexander Pimperl, Timo Schulte, Helmut Hildebrandt

Kwartler, Ted - Text Mining in Practice with R, ebook

Text Mining in Practice with R

Kwartler, Ted


A reliable, cost-effective approach to extracting priceless business information from all sources of text
Excavating actionable business insights from data is a complex undertaking, and that complexity is magnified by an order of magnitude when the focus is on documents and other text