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Sundararajan, D. - A Practical Approach to Signals and Systems, ebook

A Practical Approach to Signals and Systems

Sundararajan, D.


Gives equal emphasis to theory and practice Presents methods that can be immediately applied Complete treatment of transform methods Expanded coverage of Fourier analysis Self-contained: starts from the basics and discusses applications Visual

Hinchliffe, Alan - Molecular Modelling for Beginners, ebook

Molecular Modelling for Beginners

Hinchliffe, Alan


A concise, basic introduction to modelling and computational chemistry which focuses on the essentials, including MM, MC, and MD, along with a chapter devoted to QSAR and Discovery Chemistry.Includes supporting website featuring background information, full colour illustrations, questions

Wallraff, Hans G. - Avian Navigation: Pigeon Homing as a Paradigm, ebook

Avian Navigation: Pigeon Homing as a Paradigm

Wallraff, Hans G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Observation Data Used to Investigate Pigeon Homing
3. Basic Features of Pigeon Homing
4. Potential Input Signals Exploitable for Home-Finding
5. The Role of the Sun
6. The Role of the Geomagnetic Field
7. The Role of the Chemical Atmosphere
8. The Role

Bodrogi, P. - LED Lighting: Technology and Perception, ebook

LED Lighting: Technology and Perception

Bodrogi, P.


Promoting the design, application and evaluation of visually and electrically effective LED light sources and luminaires for general indoor lighting as well as outdoor and vehicle lighting, this book combines the knowledge of LED lighting technology with human perceptual aspects for lighting

Charvat, Robert A. - Coloring of Plastics: Fundamentals, ebook

Coloring of Plastics: Fundamentals

Charvat, Robert A.


The basic families of colorants are described, along with their properties. The material examines how statistical analysis can improve the consistency of colored polymer production runs as well as the colorants used to match the color.
Other important topics

Louis, Pierre-Yves - Probabilistic Cellular Automata, ebook

Probabilistic Cellular Automata

Louis, Pierre-Yves


Table of contents
1. Overview: PCA Models and Issues
Roberto Fernández, Pierre-Yves Louis, Francesca R. Nardi
2. Probabilistic Cellular Automata in the Visual Arts
Roeland M. H. Merks
Part I. Probability and Statistical Mechanics
3. Basic Ideas to Approach Metastability in Probabilistic Cellular Automata