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Lu, Shuyan - Lysosomes: Biology, Diseases, and Therapeutics, ebook

Lysosomes: Biology, Diseases, and Therapeutics

Lu, Shuyan


Discussing recent findings, up-to-date research, and novel strategies, the book integrates perspectives from pharmacology, toxicology, and biochemistry to illustrate the potential of lysosomes in drug discovery and development.
•    Explores basic…

Ehnholm, Christian - Cellular Lipid Metabolism, ebook

Cellular Lipid Metabolism

Ehnholm, Christian


Cholesterol Trafficking in the Brain
Dieter Lütjohann, Tim Vanmierlo, Monique Mulder
7. Intracellular Cholesterol Transport
Daniel Wüstner
8. Role of the Endothelium in Lipoprotein Metabolism
Arnold Eckardstein, Lucia Rohrer
9. Receptor-Mediated

Walters, Reece - Emerging Issues in Green Criminology, ebook

Emerging Issues in Green Criminology

Walters, Reece


Animal Trafficking and Trade: Abuse and Species Injustice
Ragnhild Sollund
6. Crime and the Commodification of Carbon
Reece Walters, Peter Martin
7. The Local Context of Transnational Wildlife Trafficking: The Heathrow

Dikic, Ivan - Endosomes, ebook


Dikic, Ivan


Endocytic Trafficking and Human Diseases
Rosa Puertollano
11. Endosomes—Key Components in Viral Entry and Replication
Mark Marsh
12. Toxins in the Endosomes
Núria Reig, F. Gisou Goot

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Culotta, Valeria - Metals in Cells, ebook

Metals in Cells

Culotta, Valeria

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This new book (from the EIBC Book Series) covers recent advances made by top researchers in the field of metals in cells [the “metallome”] and include:  regulated metal ion uptake and trafficking, sensing of metals within cells and across tissues,