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Chadha, Devi - Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks, ebook

Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks

Chadha, Devi


The first part of Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks provides a qualitative foundation for what follows—presenting an overview of optical networking, the different network architectures, basic concepts, and a high-level view of the different network

Yastrebov, Vladislav A. - Numerical Methods in Contact Mechanics, ebook

Numerical Methods in Contact Mechanics

Yastrebov, Vladislav A.


The book covers all basic ingredients of contact and computational contact mechanics: from efficient contact detection algorithms and classical optimization methods to new developments in contact kinematics and resolution schemes both for sequential and parallel computer architectures. The

Funk, Burkhardt - Information Technology in Environmental Engineering, ebook

Information Technology in Environmental Engineering

Funk, Burkhardt


Enterprise Architectures for Addressing Sustainability Silos
Brenda Scholtz, Anthea Connolley, Andre Calitz
13. Municipalities and Sustainable Tourism: Challenges, Requirements and Added Value
Andreas Solsbach, Barbara Rapp
14. The Green Product Lifecycle

Minai, Ali A. - Unifying Themes in Complex Systems VII, ebook

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems VII

Minai, Ali A.


Modularity and Self-Organized Functional Architectures in the Brain
Laxmi Iyer, Ali A. Minai, Simona Doboli, Vincent R. Brown
17. An Introduction to Complex-System Engineering
Michael L. Kuras
18. Statistical properties of agent-based market area model

Guitart, René - The Topos of Music III: Gestures, ebook

The Topos of Music III: Gestures

Guitart, René


Concept Architectures and Software for Gesture Theory
13. Forms and Denotators over Topological Categories
Guerino Mazzola, René Guitart, Jocelyn Ho, Alex Lubet, Maria Mannone, Matt Rahaim, Florian Thalmann
14. The Rubato Composer Architecture