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Bezdek, Karoly - Discrete Geometry and Optimization, ebook

Discrete Geometry and Optimization

Bezdek, Karoly


Table of contents
1. Discrete Geometry in Minkowski Spaces
Javier Alonso, Horst Martini, Margarita Spirova
2. Engineering Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Equicut Problem
Miguel F. Anjos, Frauke Liers, Gregor Pardella, Andreas Schmutzer
3. An Approach to the Dodecahedral Conjecture Based on Bounds for Spherical

Mucherino, Antonio - Distance Geometry, ebook

Distance Geometry

Mucherino, Antonio


Using a Distributed SDP Approach to Solve Simulated Protein Molecular Conformation Problems
Xingyuan Fang, Kim-Chuan Toh
18. An Overview on Protein Structure Determination by NMR: Historical and Future Perspectives of the use of Distance Geometry Methods