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Bradbury, Robert H. - Cancer, ebook


Bradbury, Robert H.


Table of contents
1. Overview
Robert H. Bradbury
2. Anti-hormone Therapy: Principles of Endocrine Therapy of Cancer
Jens Hoffmann, Anette Sommer
3. Inhibition of Growth Factor Signaling by Small-Molecule Inhibitors of ErbB, Raf, and MEK
Eli M. Wallace, Tammie C. Yeh, Ellen R. Laird, James F. Blake,

Srivastava, Rakesh - Apoptosis, Cell Signaling, and Human Diseases, ebook

Apoptosis, Cell Signaling, and Human Diseases

Srivastava, Rakesh


Critical Roles of the Raf/MEK/ERK Pathway in Apoptosis and Drug Resistance
James A. McCubrey, Fred E. Bertrand, Linda S. Steelman, Fumin Chang, David M. Terrian, Richard A. Franklin
6. MAPK Signaling in Human Diseases
Philippe P. Roux, John Blenis