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Storck, Timo - Von Game of Thrones bis The Walking Dead, ebook

Von Game of Thrones bis The Walking Dead

Storck, Timo


Table of contents
1. Einleitung, oder: Previously on TV
Timo Storck, Svenja Taubner
2. »…and now my watch begins…«
Timo Storck
3. »We are the walking dead« – neue Formen des Altruismus in einer Zombiewelt
Svenja Taubner

Morris, Marla - Jewish Intellectuals and the University, ebook

Jewish Intellectuals and the University

Morris, Marla


Table of contents
Part I. Jewish Intellectuals
1. Introduction: Tropes of Otherness and Jewish Intellectuals
Marla Morris
2. Jewish Intellectuals as a Trope of Otherness
Marla Morris
3. Sites of Learning in Eastern and Central Europe…

Dwairy, Marwan - From Psycho-Analysis to Culture-Analysis, ebook

From Psycho-Analysis to Culture-Analysis

Dwairy, Marwan


Fitness of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Across Cultures
Marwan Dwairy
4. Contradictions and Inconsistencies in a Culture
Marwan Dwairy
5. Culture Analysis
Marwan Dwairy
6. Using Metaphors in Culture Analysis
Marwan Dwairy
7. Culture

Hobson, J. Allan - Dreaming : A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Dreaming : A Very Short Introduction

Hobson, J. Allan


This book introduces sleep laboratory science, the cellular and molecular mechanisms of sleep, and explores how the science of dreaming impacts our understanding of psychoanalysis and mental illness. - ;What is dreaming, and what causes it? Why are dreams so strange

Wilmer, S. E. - Deleuze and Beckett, ebook

Deleuze and Beckett

Wilmer, S. E.


Psychoanalysis and Sociality
5. Breakdown or Breakthrough? Deleuzoguattarian Schizophrenia and Beckett’s Gallery of Moribunds
Benjamin Keatinge
6. ‘Till ooze again and on’: Textual Desire and the Subject’s Presence (Beckett, Deleuze, Lacan)