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Golwalkar, Kiran R. - Production Management of Chemical Industries, ebook

Production Management of Chemical Industries

Golwalkar, Kiran R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kiran R. Golwalkar
2. Financial and Commercial Matters
Kiran R. Golwalkar
3. Procurement of Equipments
Kiran R. Golwalkar
4. Erection and Commissioning
Kiran R. Golwalkar
5. Procurement of Raw Materials and Other Items
Kiran R. Golwalkar
6. Safety Management

Grötschel, Martin - Production Factor Mathematics, ebook

Production Factor Mathematics

Grötschel, Martin


Towards More Intelligence in Logistics with Mathematics
Rolf H. Möhring, Michael Schenk
8. Optimization of Communication Networks
Jörg Eberspächer, Moritz Kiese, Roland Wessäly
9. Mathematics in Wireless Communications
Holger Boche, Andreas

Golinska, Paulina - Sustainable Transport, ebook

Sustainable Transport

Golinska, Paulina


Competitiveness of EU Region and Sustainable Development Policies Measures in Logistics: Experiences of Emilia Romagna
Piotr Nowak
5. Coordination Model of Transport Processes Based on Sustainable Development Concept
Marcin Hajdul
6. Integration of

Golinska, Paulina - Environmental Issues in Automotive Industry, ebook

Environmental Issues in Automotive Industry

Golinska, Paulina


The Design and the Improvement of Reverse Logistics for Discarded Tires in Japan
Kuninori Suzuki, Nobunori Aiura
Part III. Recovery of End-of-Life Vehicles
9. The Necessity of Recycling Networks for the Sustainable Usage of Automotive Parts: Case Study Germany

Hofmann, Erik - The Supply Chain Differentiation Guide, ebook

The Supply Chain Differentiation Guide

Hofmann, Erik


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Erik Hofmann, Patrick Beck, Erik Füger
2. SCD Guide Preparation
Erik Hofmann, Patrick Beck, Erik Füger
3. CM1: Customer Segmentation and Supply Chain Strategy
Erik Hofmann, Patrick Beck, Erik…

Rizzi, Antonio - Logistica e tecnologia RFID, ebook

Logistica e tecnologia RFID

Rizzi, Antonio


Table of contents
1. La tecnologia RFID
Antonio Rizzi, Roberto Montanari, Massimo Bertolini, Eleonora Bottani, Andrea Volpi
2. Introduzione alla logistica e al supply chain management
Antonio Rizzi, Roberto Montanari, Massimo Bertolini,…