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Pratesi, Monica - Analysis of Poverty Data by Small Area Estimation, ebook

Analysis of Poverty Data by Small Area Estimation

Pratesi, Monica


A comprehensive guide to implementing SAE methods for poverty studies and poverty mapping
There is an increasingly urgent demand for poverty and living conditions data, in relation to local areas and/or subpopulations. Policy makers and stakeholders

Bangura, Yusuf - Developmental Pathways to Poverty Reduction, ebook

Developmental Pathways to Poverty Reduction

Bangura, Yusuf


The Effectiveness of IMF/World Bank-Funded Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
Ricardo Gottschalk
5. Poverty Reduction and the Politics of Bilateral Donor Assistance
Tom Lavers
6. Politics of Growth and Redistribution in a Democratic Context

Biswas, Arindam - From Poverty, Inequality to Smart City, ebook

From Poverty, Inequality to Smart City

Biswas, Arindam


Poverty, Inequality and Urban Infrastructure
1. Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Paradigm to Smart Cities
Anita Singh Batar, Tarush Chandra
2. Urban Poverty: Trends, Assessment, and Inclusive Planning as a Solution

Ingram, Jane Carter - Integrating Ecology and Poverty Reduction, ebook

Integrating Ecology and Poverty Reduction

Ingram, Jane Carter


Urbanization, Poverty Reduction, and Ecosystem Integrity
Peter Marcotullio, Sandra Baptista, Alex Sherbinin
9. Introduction to Innovative Financing: The Role of Payments for Ecosystem Services in Poverty Reduction
Jane Carter Ingram
10. An Overview