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Besnier, Philippe - Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers, ebook

Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers

Besnier, Philippe


The detailed panorama of parameters governing the operation of electromagnetic reverberation chambers details various applications such as radiated immunity, emissivity, and shielding efficiency experiments.
In addition, the reader is provided with the elements

McGuire, Bill - Climate Forcing of Geological Hazards, ebook

Climate Forcing of Geological Hazards

McGuire, Bill


Taken together, the chapters build a panorama of a field of research that is only now becoming recognized as important in the context of the likely impacts and implications of anthropogenic climate change. The observations, analyses and interpretations presented in

Bernstein, Swanhild - Modern Trends in Hypercomplex Analysis, ebook

Modern Trends in Hypercomplex Analysis

Bernstein, Swanhild


Table of contents
1. Cauchy–Pompeiu Formula for Multi-meta-weighted-monogenic Functions of first class
Eusebio Ariza García, Antonio Teodoro
2. Greedy Algorithms and Rational Approximation in One and Several Variables
Laurent Baratchart, Wei-Xiong Mai, Tao Qian
3. A. Kolmogorov and M. Riesz Theorems for

Wang, Joseph - Analytical Electrochemistry, ebook

Analytical Electrochemistry

Wang, Joseph


Third Edition covers the latest advances in methodologies, sensors, detectors, and mIcrochips
The greatly expanded Third Edition of this internationally respected text continues to provide readers with a complete panorama of electroanalytical techniques and devices, offering a balancebetween

Dubbeling, Marielle - Rooftop Urban Agriculture, ebook

Rooftop Urban Agriculture

Dubbeling, Marielle


Table of contents
Part I. The Status and Challenges of Rooftop Agriculture
1. Introduction
Marielle Dubbeling, Francesco Orsini, Giorgio Gianquinto
2. A Panorama of Rooftop Agriculture Types
Joe Nasr, June Komisar, Henk Zeeuw
3. Rooftop Farming Policy
Tim Delshammar, Sofie Brincker, Kristian Skaarup,