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Blessing, Benita - The Antifascist Classroom, ebook

The Antifascist Classroom

Blessing, Benita


“Vati’s home!”: From Defeated Nazi to Antifascist Hero
Benita Blessing
8. Reestablishing Traditions
Benita Blessing
9. Conclusion: Redemption through Reconstruction and Beyond
Benita Blessing

Cho, Joanne Miyang - Transnational Encounters between Germany and Japan, ebook

Transnational Encounters between Germany and Japan

Cho, Joanne Miyang


Table of contents
0. Introduction
1. German-Japanese Relations from Meiji to Heisei
Joanne Miyang Cho, Lee M. Roberts, Christian W. Spang
Part I. Ambivalent Partners in Modernization
2. The Myth of “Familiar Germany”
Takenaka Toru
3. Karl von Eisendecher and Japan
Sven Saaler
4. Count Hermann

Scharlau, Winfried - Das Glück, Mathematiker zu sein, ebook

Das Glück, Mathematiker zu sein

Scharlau, Winfried


Table of contents
1. Prolog: Oktober 1945
Winfried Scharlau
2. Die Eltern
Winfried Scharlau
3. Jugend in Nazi-Deutschland
Winfried Scharlau
4. Studium in Ruinen, 1945–1948
Winfried Scharlau
5. In Zürich bei Heinz Hopf
Winfried Scharlau
6. Promotion in Münster, Assistent in Erlangen

Arefian, Fatemeh Farnaz - Urban Change in Iran, ebook

Urban Change in Iran

Arefian, Fatemeh Farnaz


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fatemeh Farnaz Arefian, Seyed Hossein Iradj Moeini
Part I. Pre-modern and Contemporary Urbanism
2. The Role of Qanat and Irrigation Networks in the Process of City Formation and Evolution in the Central Plateau of Iran, the Case of Sabzevar
Hassan Estaji, Karin Raith

Soifer, Alexander - The Mathematical Coloring Book, ebook

The Mathematical Coloring Book

Soifer, Alexander


Table of contents
Part I. Merry-Go-Round
1. A Story of Colored Polygons and Arithmetic Progressions
Alexander Soifer
Part II. Colored Plane
2. Chromatic Number of the Plane: The Problem
Alexander Soifer
3. Chromatic Number of the Plane: An Historical Essay
Alexander Soifer
4. Polychromatic Number