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Falkenburg, Brigitte - Particle Metaphysics, ebook

Particle Metaphysics

Falkenburg, Brigitte


Table of contents
1. Scientific Realism
2. Extending Physical Reality
3. Particle Observation and Measurement
4. Probing Subatomic Structure
5. Measurement and the Unity of Physics
6. Metamorphoses of the Particle Concept
7. Wave-Particle…

Beziau, Jean-Yves - New Directions in Paraconsistent Logic, ebook

New Directions in Paraconsistent Logic

Beziau, Jean-Yves


Table of contents
Part I. Tutorials
1. Tutorial on Inconsistency-Adaptive Logics
Diderik Batens
2. Round Squares Are No Contradictions (Tutorial on Negation Contradiction and Opposition)
Jean-Yves Beziau
3. On the Philosophy and…

Brady, Emily - Human-Environment Relations, ebook

Human-Environment Relations

Brady, Emily


Table of contents
1. The Value Space of Meaningful Relations
Alan Holland
2. Relational Space and Places of Value
Pauline Phemister
3. Conserving Nature’s Meanings
Simon P. James
4. Revaluing Body and Earth
Patrick Curry

Davies, John - God versus Particle Physics, ebook

God versus Particle Physics

Davies, John


The book presents the conclusions of a psychologist seeking to make sense of contemporary particle physics as described in a number of popular science texts and media articles, written by physicists, seeking to explain the workings of the sub-atomic world.…

Morrison, Jane Gray - Anthrozoology, ebook


Morrison, Jane Gray


The Metaphysics of Extinction
Michael Charles Tobias, Jane Gray Morrison
4. The Conative Spectrum of Other Species
Michael Charles Tobias, Jane Gray Morrison
5. Arcadian Connections
Michael Charles Tobias, Jane Gray Morrison
6. The “Other

Krömer, Ralf - New Essays on Leibniz Reception, ebook

New Essays on Leibniz Reception

Krömer, Ralf


Leibniz’s Metaphysics as an Epistemological Obstacle to the Mathematization of Nature: The View of a Late 19th Century Neo-Kantian, Kurd Lasswitz
Françoise Willmann
4. Peano and His School Between Leibniz and Couturat: The Influence in Mathematics and in

Favareau, Donald - Essential Readings in Biosemiotics, ebook

Essential Readings in Biosemiotics

Favareau, Donald


The Physics and Metaphysics of Biosemiotics
Donald Favareau
18. Excerpts from The Symbolic Species
Donald Favareau
Part IV. The Contemporary Interdiscipline of Biosemiotics
19. The Semiotics of Nature: Code-Duality
Donald Favareau