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Lee, Mike S. - Mass Spectrometry Handbook, ebook

Mass Spectrometry Handbook

Lee, Mike S.

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Due to its enormous sensitivity and ease of use, mass spectrometry has grown into the analytical tool of choice in most industries and areas of research. This unique reference provides an extensive library of methods used in mass spectrometry, covering…

Eichelberger, John - Volcanism and Subduction: The Kamchatka Region, ebook

Volcanism and Subduction: The Kamchatka Region

Eichelberger, John

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 172
.The Kamchatka Peninsula and contiguous North Pacific Rim is among the most active regions in the world. Kamchatka itself contains 29 active volcanoes,…

Lee, Alexandra Jayeun - Resilience by Design, ebook

Resilience by Design

Lee, Alexandra Jayeun


Haiti: NGO’s Republic
Alexandra Jayeun Lee
5. Katrina: Collective Resistance
Alexandra Jayeun Lee
6. Christchurch: Going Grassroots
Alexandra Jayeun Lee
7. Conclusion

Lee, Myoung-jae - Micro-Econometrics, ebook


Lee, Myoung-jae


Parametric Methods for Multiple Equation LDV Models
Myoung-jae Lee
7. Kernel Nonparametric Estimation
Myoung-jae Lee
8. Bandwidth-Free Semiparametric Methods
Myoung-jae Lee

Lee, Kenneth - Produced Water, ebook

Produced Water

Lee, Kenneth


Produced Water: Overview of Composition, Fates, and Effects
Jerry Neff, Kenneth Lee, Elisabeth M. DeBlois
2. Measurement of Oil in Produced Water
Ming Yang
3. Evaluation of Produced Water from Brazilian Offshore Platforms
Irene T. Gabardo, Eduardo