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Powell, Warren B. - Optimal Learning, ebook

Optimal Learning

Powell, Warren B.


Optimal Learning develops the needed principles for gathering information to make decisions, especially when collecting information is time-consuming and expensive. Designed for readers with an elementary background in probability and statistics, the book presents

Jensen, Bjarne Bruun - Participation and Learning, ebook

Participation and Learning

Jensen, Bjarne Bruun


Participation and Learning: Developing Perspectives on Education and the Environment, Health and Sustainability
Alan Reid, Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Jutta Nikel, Venka Simovska
2. Stepping Back from ‘The Ladder’: Refl ections on a Model of Participatory Work

Falmagne, Jean-Claude - Learning Spaces, ebook

Learning Spaces

Falmagne, Jean-Claude


Table of contents
1. Overview and Basic Mathematical Concepts
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
2. Knowledge Structures and Learning Spaces
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
3. Knowledge Spaces
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
4. Well-Graded Knowledge Structures

Boschma, Ron A. - Learning from Clusters, ebook

Learning from Clusters

Boschma, Ron A.


Clustering, Learning and Regional Development
Ron A. Boschma, Robert C. Kloosterman
I. The ‘Cluster’ Model
2. A Systematic Perspective on Local Development
Sergio Conti
3. Cluster Dynamics
Bart Nooteboom, Rosalinde Klein Woolthius

Cowell, Richard - Learning from Wind Power, ebook

Learning from Wind Power

Cowell, Richard


Social Acceptance of Wind Power Projects: Learning from Trans-National Experience
Stefanie Huber, Robert Horbaty, Geraint Ellis
12. Drawing Lessons from Wind Power for Future Sustainable Energy
Joseph Szarka, Geraint Ellis, Richard Cowell, Peter A. Strachan,

Laan, Mark J. van der - Targeted Learning, ebook

Targeted Learning

Laan, Mark J. van der


Super Learning for Right-Censored Data
Eric C. Polley, Mark J. Laan
17. RCTs with Time-to-Event Outcomes
Kelly L. Moore, Mark J. Laan
18. RCTs with Time-to-Event Outcomes and Effect Modification Parameters
Ori M. Stitelman, Victor Gruttola, C.