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Morris, Marla - Jewish Intellectuals and the University, ebook

Jewish Intellectuals and the University

Morris, Marla


Jewish Intellectuals as a Trope of Otherness
Marla Morris
3. Sites of Learning in Eastern and Central Europe during the Fin-De-Siècle
Marla Morris
Part II. Madness
4. Madness as a Trope of Otherness
Marla Morris
5. Madness, Historicity,

Fischer-Kowalski, Marina - Ester Boserup’s Legacy on Sustainability, ebook

Ester Boserup’s Legacy on Sustainability

Fischer-Kowalski, Marina


Table of contents
Part I. Ester Boserup’s Intellectual Heritage
1. Ester Boserup: An Interdisciplinary Visionary Relevant for Sustainability
B. L. Turner, Marina Fischer-Kowalski
2. “Finding Out Is My Life”: Conversations with Ester Boserup in the 1990s
Jon Mathieu
3. Boserup’s Theory on Technological

Banerjee, Santo - Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012, ebook

Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2012

Banerjee, Santo


Measuring Perceptual Reflections of Employees for Their Executives Intellectual Traits That Effecting Quality of Work Life of Employees and Organizational Change
Seyfi Top, Ercan Öge, Serkan Dilek, Özlem Atan
53. Relationship Between the Attitudes of Undergraduate

Chaplin, Joyce E. - Genealogies of Genius, ebook

Genealogies of Genius

Chaplin, Joyce E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joyce E. Chaplin, Darrin M. McMahon
2. The Problem of Genius in the Age of Slavery
Joyce E. Chaplin
3. Genius versus Democracy: Excellence and Singularity in Postrevolutionary France
Nathalie Heinich

Becker, Karen M. - Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices, ebook

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices

Becker, Karen M.


Regulatory Requirements for Clinical Studies of Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Daniel A. Kracov, Lisa M. Dwyer
3. Requirements for Medicare Coverage and Reimbursement for Medical Devices
Esther R. Scherb, Stuart S. Kurlander
4. Postmarket Requirements