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Cappanera, Paola - Health Care Systems Engineering, ebook

Health Care Systems Engineering

Cappanera, Paola


Strategic Operations Management in Healthcare: A Reference Model for Cardiac Rehabilitation
Barbara Resta, Vittorio Giudici, Sergio Cavalieri, Wei Deng Solvang, Stefano Dotti, Paolo Gaiardelli
5. Mining the Patient Flow Through an Emergency Department to Deal

Habicht, Gerhard - Care Sharing, ebook

Care Sharing

Habicht, Gerhard


Table of contents
Teil I. Sorglose Gemeinschaft
1. Warum wir uns sorgen sollten
Gerhard Habicht
2. Sorglos wirkende Gemeinschaften
Gerhard Habicht
3. Pflege in der Sackgasse
Gerhard Habicht
Teil II. Pflege in die Mitte nehmen
4. Warum nicht alles einen Preis hat
Gerhard Habicht
5. Warum

Pardalos, Panos M. - Systems Analysis Tools for Better Health Care Delivery, ebook

Systems Analysis Tools for Better Health Care Delivery

Pardalos, Panos M.


Table of contents
1. Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Radiotherapy Problems
Dionne M. Aleman, Hamid R. Ghaffari, Velibor V. Mišić, Michael B. Sharpe, Mark Ruschin, David A. Jaffray
2. Portable Asset Management in Hospitals
Nebil Buyurgan, Nabil Lehlou
3. Stochastic Integer Programming in Healthcare Delivery

Belay, Simane - Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, ebook

Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Belay, Simane


Towards Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Urban Land Use Planning and Management: The Case of Ambo Town, Ethiopia
Gemechu Shale Ogato, Ketema Abebe, Amare Bantider, Davide Geneletti
6. A Geographic Information System as Support to the Healthcare