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Davies, John - God versus Particle Physics, ebook

God versus Particle Physics

Davies, John


Themes of the book include: a discussion of the way we allow physicists to invent things that have no perceivable qualities, on the grounds that they 'must' be there because otherwise their preconceptions are wrong or their sums don't work; that, from a psychological perspective, contemporary theory in

Vattulainen, Hemmo - Indonesia Bali -the island of Gods, ebook

Indonesia Bali -the island of Gods

Vattulainen, Hemmo


Indonesia_Bali - the island of Gods is a photo ebook that contains about 230 color photos about Bali - the beautiful and exotic island in Indonesia. The pictures are taken by photographer Hemmo Vattulainen and include photos from the Hindu Temples, batik, wood carvings, the Royal Palace,

Halpern, Paul - Collider: The Search for the World's Smallest Particles, ebook

Collider: The Search for the World's Smallest Particles

Halpern, Paul


But what is the Higgs boson and why is it often referred to as the God Particle? Why are the Higgs and the LHC so important? Getting a handle on the science behind the LHC can be difficult for anyone without an advanced degree in particle physics, but you don't need

Moore, Patrick - Moore on Mercury, ebook

Moore on Mercury

Moore, Patrick


Table of contents
1. Lift-off
2. Elusive Planet
3. “Messenger of the Gods”
4. Mercury in the Solar System
5. Crossing the Sun
6. Ghost Planet
7. Through the Telescope
8. Mapping Mercury
9. Mariner 10
10. Cratered World
11. Around Mercury
12. Return to Mercury
13. Life on Mercury?

Hotakainen, Markus - Mars, ebook


Hotakainen, Markus


Table of contents
2. Fourth Rock from the Sun
Markus Hotakainen
3. God of War, Heavenly Body
Markus Hotakainen
4. Martian Canal Engineers
Markus Hotakainen
5. Planetary Ups and Downs
Markus Hotakainen
6. Unidentical Twins
Markus Hotakainen
7. The New Mars
Markus Hotakainen

Marcus, Bernard - Evolution That Anyone Can Understand, ebook

Evolution That Anyone Can Understand

Marcus, Bernard


Table of contents
1. Exactly What Is Evolution?
Bernard Marcus
2. What’s God Got to Do With It?
Bernard Marcus
3. But It is Only a Theory
Bernard Marcus
4. Icefish and Other Genetic Anomalies and an Argument for Vestigiality
Bernard Marcus
5. Islands in the Sky and Elsewhere

Magli, Giulio - Mysteries and Discoveries of Archaeoastronomy, ebook

Mysteries and Discoveries of Archaeoastronomy

Magli, Giulio


Table of contents
2. Thirty thousand years of silence
Giulio Magli
3. Forests of stones, rings of giants
Giulio Magli
4. The island of the goddess
Giulio Magli
5. A Civilization entitled to no place
Giulio Magli
6. When the method is lacking
Giulio Magli
7. Wheels, octagons and golf