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Fort, Monique - Landscapes and Landforms of France, ebook

Landscapes and Landforms of France

Fort, Monique


Introduction: Landscapes and Landforms of France, A Large Diversity
Jean-Pierre Peulvast
2. Paris and the Seine River: Antic Sites, Underground Resources and Risks
Monique Fort, Christine Chaussé, Nathalie Vanara, Gilles Thomas
3. The Seine River from

Alland, Alexander - Catalunya, One Nation, Two States, ebook

Catalunya, One Nation, Two States

Alland, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alexander Alland, Sonia Alland
2. The How and Why of This Book
Alexander Alland, Sonia Alland
3. Framing the Study: The Origin and Meaning of Nationalism
Alexander Alland, Sonia Alland
4. The…

Tanguy, Jean-Michel - Environmental Hydraulics: Numerical Methods, ebook

Environmental Hydraulics: Numerical Methods

Tanguy, Jean-Michel

From 222,00€

This series of five volumes proposes an integrated description of physical processes modeling used by scientific disciplines from meteorology to coastal morphodynamics. Volume 1 describes the physical processes and identifies the main measurement devices…

Sawyer, Stephen W. - In Search of the Liberal Moment, ebook

In Search of the Liberal Moment

Sawyer, Stephen W.


Introduction: New Perspectives on France’s “Liberal Moment”
Stephen W. Sawyer, Iain Stewart
2. Taking Anti-totalitarianism Seriously: The Emergence of the Aronian Circle in the 1970s
Gwendal Châton
3. Plettenburg not Paris: Julien Freund, the

Houdy, Philippe - Nanoethics and Nanotoxicology, ebook

Nanoethics and Nanotoxicology

Houdy, Philippe


Situation in France: Ethical Reflection on Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Jacques Bordé
21. Situation in France: Nanoparticles in the Grenelle Environment Forum
Philippe Hubert
22. Situation in

Mazliak, Laurent - Mathematicians at war, ebook

Mathematicians at war

Mazliak, Laurent


Italy and France at the Eve of WW1
Laurent Mazliak, Rossana Tazzioli
4. Vito Volterra and His Institutional Activity
Laurent Mazliak, Rossana Tazzioli
5. Volterra and Italian Interventionism Between 1914 and 1915
Laurent Mazliak, Rossana Tazzioli