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Gade, Martin - Marine Surface Films, ebook

Marine Surface Films

Gade, Martin


Correlation studies of mass spectral patterns and elasticity of sea-slick materials
Nelson M. Frew, Robert K. Nelson, Carl G. Johnson
8. On surface renewal and sea slicks
Kristian B. Dysthe
Chapter 2:.Chemical Characteristics
9. Physicochemical effects

Schneider, Claus M. - Metal Based Thin Films for Electronics, ebook

Metal Based Thin Films for Electronics

Schneider, Claus M.


As such, the book addresses materials specialists in industry, especially in microelectronics, as well as scientists, and can also be recommended for advanced studies in materials science, analytics, surface and solid state science.

Grill, Leonhard - Imaging and Manipulating Molecular Orbitals, ebook

Imaging and Manipulating Molecular Orbitals

Grill, Leonhard


Table of contents
Part I. FEM
1. Observations of Individual Cu-Phthalocyanine Molecules Deposited on Nano-Tips in the Field Emission Microscope
Moh’d Rezeq, Christian Joachim, Ma Han Lwin, Francisco Ample Navarro
2. High Voltage STM Imaging…