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Pontarotti, Pierre - Evolutionary Biology, ebook

Evolutionary Biology

Pontarotti, Pierre


On the Surprising Weakness of Pancreatic Beta-Cell Antioxidant Defences: An Evolutionary Perspective
Armin Rashidi, Thomas B. L. Kirkwood, Daryl P. Shanley
7. The Importance of Transpositions and Recombination to Genome Instability According hobo-Element Distribution

Pontarotti, Pierre - Evolutionary Biology, ebook

Evolutionary Biology

Pontarotti, Pierre


Road Map to Study Convergent Evolution: A Proposition for Evolutionary Systems Biology Approaches
Pierre Pontarotti, Isabelle Hue
2. Analysing Convergent Evolution: A Practical Guide to Methods
Kevin Arbuckle, Michael P. Speed
3. Convergent Evolution

Streelman, J. - Advances in Evolutionary Developmental Biology, ebook

Advances in Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Streelman, J.


Providing outstanding breadth of coverage in evo-devo, Advances in Evolutionary Developmental Biology provides a comprehensive review of the milestones of research in evolution and development and outlines the exciting research agenda for the field going forward. Compiling the

Blackstone, Neil W. - Evidence-Based Evolutionary Medicine, ebook

Evidence-Based Evolutionary Medicine

Blackstone, Neil W.


A groundbreaking, evidence-based text to the growing field of evolutionary medicine
Evidence-Based Evolutionary Medicine offers a comprehensive review of the burgeoning field of evolutionary medicine and explores vital topics such as evolution, ecology,

Forsdyke, Donald R. - Evolutionary Bioinformatics, ebook

Evolutionary Bioinformatics

Forsdyke, Donald R.


Table of contents
Part I. Information and DNA
1. Memory: A Phenomenon of Arrangement
Donald R. Forsdyke
2. Chargaff’s First Parity Rule
Donald R. Forsdyke
3. Information Levels and Barriers
Donald R. Forsdyke
Part II. Parity…