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Jones, Michael - The European Landscape Convention, ebook

The European Landscape Convention

Jones, Michael


The Issue of Public Participation in the European Landscape Convention
Michael Jones, Marie Stenseke
2. European Landscape and Participation – Rhetoric or Reality?
Michael Jones
3. The Dutch Approach
Henk Baas, Bert Groenewoudt, Edwin Raap

Fabrikant, Sara Irina - The European Information Society, ebook

The European Information Society

Fabrikant, Sara Irina


Privacy versus national security: The impact of privacy law on the use of location technology for national security purposes
Bastiaan van Loenen, Danielle Groetelaers, Jaap Zevenbergen, Jitske de Jong
9. The Aggregation of Urban Building Clusters Based on the

Siclari, Domenico - Italian Banking and Financial Law, ebook

Italian Banking and Financial Law

Siclari, Domenico


Regulation of Markets in Financial Instruments in Italy and in the European Union: General Principles
Salvatore Providenti
7. Regulated Markets
Marco Sepe
8. Unregulated Markets
Fabrizio Plateroti

Avventuroso, Emanuela - Chemistry and Hygiene of Food Additives, ebook

Chemistry and Hygiene of Food Additives

Avventuroso, Emanuela


The Codex Alimentarius and the European Legislation on Food Additives
Pasqualina Laganà, Emanuela Avventuroso, Giovanni Romano, Maria Eufemia Gioffré, Paolo Patanè, Salvatore Parisi, Umberto Moscato, Santi Delia
3. Food Additives and Effects on the Microbial

Barone, Caterina - Chemistry and Food Safety in the EU, ebook

Chemistry and Food Safety in the EU

Barone, Caterina


Table of contents
1. The RASFF: Legal Bases, Aims and Procedures for Notifications
Salvatore Parisi, Caterina Barone, Ramesh Kumar Sharma
2. RASFF Alert and Information Notifications. A Statistical Review
Salvatore Parisi, Caterina Barone,…

Eriksson, Johan - Regulating Chemical Risks, ebook

Regulating Chemical Risks

Eriksson, Johan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Gilek, Johan Eriksson, Christina Rudén
2. Risk Governance: Contemporary and Future Challenges
Andreas Klinke, Ortwin Renn
3. Communicating Chemical Risks: Beyond the Risk Society
Alison Anderson
4. Framing Chemical Risks in Sweden and Poland: Journalists’