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Mayo, Andrew - Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being, ebook

Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being

Mayo, Andrew


What are Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being?
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
3. PACE: The Process of Active Committed Enthusiasm
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
4. How to Maximise Individual Propensity for Active Committed Enthusiasm

Bowater, Laura - Science Communication: A Practical Guide for Scientists, ebook

Science Communication: A Practical Guide for Scientists

Bowater, Laura


Science communication is a rapidly expanding area and meaningful engagement between scientists and the public requires effective communication.
Designed to help the novice scientist get started with science communication, this unique guide begins with a short history of science communication

Cowell, Richard - Learning from Wind Power, ebook

Learning from Wind Power

Cowell, Richard


Societal Engagement with Wind Power
7. The Misdirected Opposition to Wind Power
Martin J. Pasqualetti
8. The Social Experience of Noise from Wind Farms
Claire Haggett
9. Navigating a Minefield? Wind Power and Local Community Benefit Funds

Rudzio, Wolfgang - Im Schatten der Politik, ebook

Im Schatten der Politik

Rudzio, Wolfgang


Zwischen linkem Engagement und bürgerlichen Lebenszielen (1961 – 73)
Wolfgang Rudzio
7. Oldenburg 1973 – 85: Dissident in der Universität
Wolfgang Rudzio
8. Die besten Jahre und der Kollaps des Kommunismus (1985 – 2000)
Wolfgang Rudzio

Chalmers, Alan F. - One Hundred Years of Pressure, ebook

One Hundred Years of Pressure

Chalmers, Alan F.


Descartes’ Engagement with Hydrostatics
Alan F. Chalmers
6. Pascal’s Equilibrium of Liquids
Alan F. Chalmers
7. Experimenting with Air
Alan F. Chalmers
8. Boyle on Mechanism and Pressure
Alan F. Chalmers
9. Newton’s Hydrostatics: