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Conover, Charles - Designing for Print, ebook

Designing for Print

Conover, Charles


This book is a single-source guide to planning, designing and printing successful projects using the Adobe Creative Suite 5. Packed with real-world design exercises, this revised edition is fully updated to align with CS5. Dozens of sidebars and step-by-step

II, J.G. Weisend - Cryostat Design, ebook

Cryostat Design

II, J.G. Weisend


Table of contents
1. Principles of Cryostat Design
J. G. Weisend
2. SSC Collider Dipole Cryostat
Thomas H. Nicol
3. Twenty-Three Kilometres of Superfluid Helium Cryostats for the Superconducting Magnets of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
Philippe Lebrun
4. The Superfluid Helium On-Orbit Transfer (SHOOT)

Goos, Peter - Optimal Design of Experiments: A Case Study Approach, ebook

Optimal Design of Experiments: A Case Study Approach

Goos, Peter


"This is an engaging and informative book on the modern practice of experimental design. The authors' writing style is entertaining, the consulting dialogs are extremely enjoyable, and the technical material is presented brilliantly but not overwhelmingly. The book is a joy to read. Everyone

Campagna, Sebastiano - Designing Dendrimers, ebook

Designing Dendrimers

Campagna, Sebastiano


Chapters devoted to basic principles, synthetic methods and strategies, and advanced characterization techniques will be integrated by chapters illustrating the full potential of dendrimers in various fields, like artificial photosynthesis, multi-redox pool systems, diagnostics, biomedical and sensing