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Kubota, Jumpei - Sustainable Water Management, ebook

Sustainable Water Management

Kubota, Jumpei


Design: Designing Water Resources Management with Collaborative Activities of Multistakeholders
2. Participatory Approaches to Environmental Management: Future Design for Water Resources Management
Hisaaki Kato, Ken’ichi

Finkbeiner, Matthias - Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management, ebook

Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management

Finkbeiner, Matthias


A Life Cycle Stakeholder Management Framework for Enhanced Collaboration Between Stakeholders with Competing Interests
Christina Scandelius, Geraldine Cohen
3. Stakeholder Consultation: What do Decision Makers in Public Policy and Industry Want to Know Regarding

Bottero, Marta - Appraisal: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Appraisal: From Theory to Practice

Bottero, Marta


Table of contents
1. The True Value. On Understanding Something
Salvatore Giuffrida
2. Appraisal of Manufacturing Buildings Through the Depreciated Replacement Cost Approach
Sergio Copiello, Valentina Cosmi, Stefano Stanghellini

Yudelson, Jerry - Sustainable Retail Development, ebook

Sustainable Retail Development

Yudelson, Jerry


Table of contents
1. Sustainability Matters
Jerry Yudelson
2. Green Buildings Around the World
Jerry Yudelson
3. What Is a Green Building?
Jerry Yudelson
4. The Business Case for Green Retail
Jerry Yudelson
5. Costs…

Adhikari, Rameshwar - Living Under the Threat of Earthquakes, ebook

Living Under the Threat of Earthquakes

Adhikari, Rameshwar


Traditional Buildings and Preliminary Report in Construction Methods to Combat Earthquake
Rabindra Puri, Sukriti Suvedi
Part III. Disaster Management and Economics
11. Medical Aspects of the Gorkha Earthquake 2015: Disaster