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Porzel, Robert - Contextual Computing, ebook

Contextual Computing

Porzel, Robert


Table of contents
1. The Problem of Understanding
Robert Porzel
2. State of the Art
Robert Porzel
3. Domain and Discourse
Robert Porzel
4. User and Situation
Robert Porzel
5. Conclusion
Robert Porzel

Rouanet, Henry - Geometric Data Analysis, ebook

Geometric Data Analysis

Rouanet, Henry


Table of contents
1. Overview of Geometric Data Analysis (‘Overview’)
2. Correspondence Analysis
3. Euclidean Cloud
4. Principal Component Analysis
5. Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA)
6. Structured Data Analysis
7. Stability…

Beddor, Patrice Speeter - Experimental Approaches to Phonology, ebook

Experimental Approaches to Phonology

Beddor, Patrice Speeter


This wide-ranging survey of experimental methods in phonetics and phonology shows the insights and results provided by different methods of investigation, including laboratory-based, statistical, psycholinguistic, computational-modeling, corpus, and field techniques.