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Dent, Geoffrey - Modern Raman Spectroscopy: A Practical Approach, ebook

Modern Raman Spectroscopy: A Practical Approach

Dent, Geoffrey


Second edition of the guide to the modern techniques that demonstrate the potential of Raman spectroscopy
Completely revised and updated, the second edition of Modern Raman Spectroscopy presents the information needed for clear understanding and application…

Gärling, Tommy - Handbook of Sustainable Travel, ebook

Handbook of Sustainable Travel

Gärling, Tommy


Psychological Contributions to the Development of Car Use Reduction Interventions
Sebastian Bamberg
10. Theoretical Underpinnings of Practical Strategies for Changing Travel Behaviour
Satoshi Fujii, Ayako Taniguchi
Part III. Travel and Social Sustainability

Laybourn, Keith - The Battle for the Roads of Britain, ebook

The Battle for the Roads of Britain

Laybourn, Keith


1940s–1970: Motor Patrolling, to Q Cars, Z Cars and Unit Beat Policing
Keith Laybourn, David Taylor
Part II. Engineering, Educating and Channelling Road Safety
5. Engineering the Environment c.1900–1970: Congestion,

Fridell, Mara - Fair Trade, Sustainability, and Social Change, ebook

Fair Trade, Sustainability, and Social Change

Fridell, Mara


Table of contents
1. Things and What They Hide
Mark Hudson, Ian Hudson, Mara Fridell
2. Car Trunks to Shipping Containers
Mark Hudson, Ian Hudson, Mara Fridell
3. The Persistence of Poverty
Mark Hudson, Ian Hudson, Mara Fridell
4. Free Riding and the Fairness Frame
Mark Hudson, Ian Hudson, Mara

Jetin, Bruno - Global Automobile Demand, ebook

Global Automobile Demand

Jetin, Bruno


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bruno Jetin
2. The US Automobile Market after the “Great Recession”: Back to Business as Usual or Birth of a New Industry?
Bruno Jetin
3. A Model to Follow? The Impact of Neoliberal Policies on the British Automobile Market and Industry
Tommaso Pardi
4. Excess

Lakshmanan, Muthusamy - Dynamics of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems, ebook

Dynamics of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems

Lakshmanan, Muthusamy


Table of contents
1. Delay Differential Equations
M. Lakshmanan, D.V. Senthilkumar
2. Linear Stability and Bifurcation Analysis
M. Lakshmanan, D.V. Senthilkumar
3. Bifurcation and Chaos in Time-Delayed Piecewise Linear Dynamical System
M. Lakshmanan, D.V. Senthilkumar
4. A Few Other Interesting Chaotic