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Melo, Cristina Joanaz de - Environmental History in the Making, ebook

Environmental History in the Making

Melo, Cristina Joanaz de


African Crops in the Environmental History of New World Plantation Societies
Judith A. Carney, Richard N. Rosomoff
11. Sugar Cane and the Environment under Dutch Rule in Seventeenth Century Taiwan
Hua-pi Tseng
12. Resource Extraction as Imperial Power:

Woodcock, Nigel H. - Geological History of Britain and Ireland, ebook

Geological History of Britain and Ireland

Woodcock, Nigel H.


This protracted geological history would have been interesting enough to reconstruct if it had been played out on relatively stable continental crust. However, Britain and Ireland have developed instead at a tectonic crossroads, on crust traversed intermittently by

Demhardt, Imre Josef - History of Military Cartography, ebook

History of Military Cartography

Demhardt, Imre Josef


Mapping for Empire: British Military Mapping in South Africa, 1806–1914
Elri Liebenberg
16. From Peninsular War to Coordinated Cadastre: William Light’s Route Maps of Portugal and Spain, and His Founding of Adelaide, the ‘Grand Experiment in the Art of

Qvortrup, Matt - Referendums Around the World, ebook

Referendums Around the World

Qvortrup, Matt


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Theory, Practice and History
Matt Qvortrup
2. Western Europe
Matt Qvortrup
3. Switzerland
Uwe Serdült
4. Russia, the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Ronald J. Hill, Stephen White