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Sobe, Noah W. - American Post-Conflict Educational Reform, ebook

American Post-Conflict Educational Reform

Sobe, Noah W.


The “American Century” Begins
2. Education at the End of a Gun: The Origins of American Imperial Education in the Philippines
Benjamin Justice
3. “The Path of Progress”: Protestant Missions, Education, and U.S.

Clift, Peter D. - Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations, ebook

Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations

Clift, Peter D.

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 198.
Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations brings together a collection of studies on the history of complex interrelationships between humans and their environment by integrating Earth science

Anal, Anil K. - Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Principles and Practices, ebook

Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Principles and Practices

Anal, Anil K.


Water, energy and food are key resources to sustain life, and are the fundamental to national, regional and global economies. These three resources are interlinked in multiple ways, and the term “nexus” captures the interconnections. The nexus has

Gruber, Marvin H. J. - Linear Models, ebook

Linear Models

Gruber, Marvin H. J.


Linear Models, Second Edition is written in such a way as to be self-contained for a person with a background in basic statistics, calculus and linear algebra. The text includes numerous applied illustrations, numerical examples, and exercises, now augmented with computer