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Kavaler, Elizabeth - A Seat on the Alsle, Please!, ebook

A Seat on the Alsle, Please!

Kavaler, Elizabeth


Urinary Leakage and Incontingence
4. Stress Urinary Incontinence
5. Urinary Urge Incontinence
6. The Golden Years
Part Three. Dropped Organs: Pelvic-Floor Prolapse
7. Pelvic-Floor Prolapse
Part Four. The Painful Bladder
8. Urinary Tract Infections

Dissanayake, C. B. - Introduction to Medical Geology, ebook

Introduction to Medical Geology

Dissanayake, C. B.


Table of contents
2. Introduction
C.B. Dissanayake, Rohana Chandrajith
3. Geochemistry of the Tropical Environment
C.B. Dissanayake, Rohana Chandrajith
4. Bioavailability of Trace Elements and Risk Assessment
C.B. Dissanayake, Rohana Chandrajith
5. Medical Geology of Fluoride
C.B. Dissanayake,

Pezzuto, John M. - Grapes and Health, ebook

Grapes and Health

Pezzuto, John M.


Grapes and Urinary Bladder Function
Robert M. Levin, Robert E. Leggett, Catherine Schuler
11. Grapes and Vision
Ayelen Bulloj, Silvia C. Finnemann

Bertolini, Giovanna - Body MDCT in Small Animals, ebook

Body MDCT in Small Animals

Bertolini, Giovanna


Table of contents
Part I. Technics and Technology
1. Multidetector-Row CT Basics, Technological Evolution, and Current Technology
Sebastian Faby, Thomas Flohr
Part II. MDCT Angiography
2. Basic Principles of MDCT Angiography
Giovanna Bertolini
Part III. The Abdomen
3. The Abdominal Vasculature

III, Arch G. Mainous - Management of Antimicrobials in Infectious Diseases, ebook

Management of Antimicrobials in Infectious Diseases

III, Arch G. Mainous


Table of contents
1. Antibiotic Resistance and Implications for the Appropriate Use of Antimicrobial Agents
Meredith Deutscher, Cindy Friedman
2. Antimicrobial Resistance Among Epidemiologically Important Gram-Positive Bacteria
Cassandra D. Salgado
3. Gram-Negative Bacteria
Craig A. Martin
4. Tuberculosis

Leid, Jeff G. - The Role of Biofilms in Device-Related Infections, ebook

The Role of Biofilms in Device-Related Infections

Leid, Jeff G.


Complicated Urinary Tract Infections due to Catheters
G. A. O’May, S. M. Jacobsen, D. J. Stickler, H. L. T. Mobley, M. E. Shirtliff
7. Biofilms in Hemodialysis
Mark Pasmore, Karine Marion
8. Bacterial Endophthalmitis Following Cataract Surgery

East, Marion L - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12, ebook

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12

East, Marion L


Acceleration of Puberty Onset in Female Mice by Male Urinary Odours: Chemosensory, Physiological and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms
Mélanie Jouhanneau, Matthieu Keller
3. The Recessus Olfactorius: A Cryptic Olfactory Organ of Anuran Amphibians
Christine Nowack,

Newton-Fisher, Nicholas E. - Primates of Western Uganda, ebook

Primates of Western Uganda

Newton-Fisher, Nicholas E.


Table of contents
Section One. Taxonomy
1. Taxonomy and Biogeography of the Primates of Western Uganda
Colin Groves
Section Two. Ecology
2. Factors Influencing Variation in the Population Densities of Colobus guereza, Within Selectively Logged Forest at the Budongo Forest Reserve
Graham Anthony Preece

Beynon, Robert J. - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11, ebook

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11

Beynon, Robert J.


The Biological Function of Cauxin, a Major Urinary Protein of the Domestic Cat (Felis catus)
Masao Miyazaki, Tetsuro Yamashita, Hideharu Taira, Akemi Suzuki
5. Putative Pheromones of Lion Mane and Its Ultrastructure
M. Poddar-Sarkar, A. Chakroborty, R.

Basu, Samar - Studies on Experimental Models, ebook

Studies on Experimental Models

Basu, Samar


Enhanced Urinary Excretion of Lipid Metabolites Following Exposure to Structurally Diverse Toxicants: A Unique Experimental Model for the Assessment of Oxidative Stress
Francis C. Lau, Manashi Bagchi, Shirley Zafra-Stone, Debasis Bagchi
23. Oxidative Stress