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Etzioni, Amitai - Privacy in a Cyber Age, ebook

Privacy in a Cyber Age

Etzioni, Amitai


Table of contents
1. A Cyber Age Privacy Doctrine
Amitai Etzioni
2. More Coherent, Less Subjective, and Operational
Amitai Etzioni
3. Eight Nails into Katz’s Coffin
Amitai Etzioni
4. Privacy: A Personal Sphere, Not Home-Bound
Amitai Etzioni
5. The Privacy Merchants
Amitai Etzioni

Seele, Peter - Die Rückseite der Cloud, ebook

Die Rückseite der Cloud

Seele, Peter


Table of contents
1. Einleitung: Die Rückseite der Cloud
Peter Seele, Chr. Lucas Zapf
Teil I. Das geheime Private – Einführung und Herleitung
2. „Privacy is dead“: Wie konnte es so weit kommen?
Peter Seele, Chr. Lucas Zapf
Teil II. Symptome des Strukturwandel des Privaten
3. Symptome einer immanenten

Rana, Sanjay - Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology, ebook

Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology

Rana, Sanjay


Table of contents
1. Geographic Information Technologies — An Overview
Sanjay Rana, Jayant Sharma
2. Soft Computing in Geographical Information Systems
Yingjie Yang, David Gillingwater, Chris Hinde
3. Using Geospatial Information for Autonomous Systems Control
Ayanna Howard, Edward Tunstel
4. Agent-Based

Shen, Bairong - Healthcare and Big Data Management, ebook

Healthcare and Big Data Management

Shen, Bairong


Table of contents
1. How to Become a Smart Patient in the Era of Precision Medicine?
Yalan Chen, Lan Yang, Hai Hu, Jiajia Chen, Bairong Shen
2. Physiological Informatics: Collection and Analyses of Data from Wearable Sensors and Smartphone for Healthcare
Jinwei Bai, Li Shen, Huimin Sun, Bairong Shen
3. Entropy

Fabrikant, Sara Irina - The European Information Society, ebook

The European Information Society

Fabrikant, Sara Irina


Privacy versus national security: The impact of privacy law on the use of location technology for national security purposes
Bastiaan van Loenen, Danielle Groetelaers, Jaap Zevenbergen, Jitske de Jong
9. The Aggregation of Urban Building Clusters Based on the

Özyer, Tansel - Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics, ebook

Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics

Özyer, Tansel


Table of contents
1. A Model for Dynamic Integration of Data Sources
Murat Obali, Bunyamin Dursun
2. Overlapping Community Structure and Modular Overlaps in Complex Networks
Qinna Wang, Eric Fleury
3. Constructing and Analyzing Uncertain Social Networks from Unstructured Textual Data
Fredrik Johansson,

Jank, Wolfgang - Statistical Methods in e-Commerce Research, ebook

Statistical Methods in e-Commerce Research

Jank, Wolfgang


From privacy protection to economic impact, the book first identifies the many obstacles that are encountered while collecting, cleaning, exploring, and analyzing e-Commerce data. Solutions to these problems are then suggested using established and newly developed

Thai, My T. - Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks, ebook

Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks

Thai, My T.


Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks: Optimization Perspectives
Ling Ding, Hongjie Du, Weili Wu
17. A Social Network Based Patching Scheme for Worm Containment in Cellular Networks
Zhichao Zhu, Guohong Cao, Sencun Zhu, Supranamaya Ranjan, Antonio