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Gut, Bernardo - Trees in Patagonia, ebook

Trees in Patagonia

Gut, Bernardo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. How to use this guide for identifying trees
3. Southern South America and the term ‘Patagonia’
4. Geology, climate, and soils of Patagonia
5. Vegetation of Patagonia
6. What is a tree?
7. Flowering plants and their divisions
8. Characteristic features of gymnosperms

Müller, Dieter K. - New Issues in Polar Tourism, ebook

New Issues in Polar Tourism

Müller, Dieter K.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: New Issues in Polar Tourism
Dieter K. Müller, Linda Lundmark, Raynald H. Lemelin
2. Looking Back, Venturing Forward: Challenges for Academia, Community, and Industry in Polar Tourism Research
Patrick T. Maher
3. What Is Arctic Tourism, and Who Should Define It?

Müller, Felix - Long-Term Ecological Research, ebook

Long-Term Ecological Research

Müller, Felix


National Parks as Model Regions for Interdisciplinary Long-Term Ecological Research: The Bavarian Forest and Šumavá National Parks Underway to Transboundary Ecosystem Research
Marco Heurich, Burkhard Beudert, Heinrich Rall,

Newton-Fisher, Nicholas E. - Primates of Western Uganda, ebook

Primates of Western Uganda

Newton-Fisher, Nicholas E.


A Survey of Prosimians in the National Parks and Forest Reserves of Uganda
Lesley Ambrose
20. The Diets, Preferences, and Overlap of the Primate Community in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda
Andrew J. Plumptre

Allan, Catherine - Adaptive Environmental Management, ebook

Adaptive Environmental Management

Allan, Catherine


Institutionalising Adaptive Management: Creating a Culture of Learning in New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service
Peter Stathis, Chris Jacobson
18. Adaptive People for Adaptive Management
Ioan Fazey, Lisen Schultz
V. Conclusion
19. Synthesis of

Melo, Cristina Joanaz de - Environmental History in the Making, ebook

Environmental History in the Making

Melo, Cristina Joanaz de


Exploring Environmental Literacy from a Historical Perspective: How Observations of the Arctic Natural Environment by a Nineteenth-Century Scholar Resulted in a Proposal for Establishing National Parks in the Nordic Countries

Buse, Ralph - Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity, ebook

Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity

Buse, Ralph


The Designation of National Parks in German Nature Conservation Law
Tobias Hellenbroich
8. Conservation management of target species or conservation of processes — Winners and losers of two different conservation strategies

Vymazal, Jan - Natural and Constructed Wetlands, ebook

Natural and Constructed Wetlands

Vymazal, Jan


Hybrid Constructed Wetlands for the National Parks in Poland – The Case Study, Requirements, Dimensioning and Preliminary Results
Krzysztof Jóźwiakowski, Magdalena Gajewska, Michał Marzec, Magdalena Gizińska-Górna,

Armenakis, Costas - Geographic Hypermedia, ebook

Geographic Hypermedia

Armenakis, Costas


Geovisualization of Vegetation Patterns in National Parks of the Southeastern United States
Marguerite Madden, Thomas Jordan, John Dolezal
19. Visualization of Spatial Change
Costas Armenakis, Anita Müller, Eva Siekierska,