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Kümmel, Reiner - The Second Law of Economics, ebook

The Second Law of Economics

Kümmel, Reiner


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Time Travel with Abel
Reiner Kümmel
2. Energy
Reiner Kümmel
3. Entropy
Reiner Kümmel
4. Economy
Reiner Kümmel
5. Epilogue: Decisions Under Uncertainty
Reiner Kümmel

Finetti, Bruno de - Mathematical Optimiation in Economics, ebook

Mathematical Optimiation in Economics

Finetti, Bruno de


Table of contents
1. Quelques Reflexions Mathematiques
G. Th. Guilbaud
2. Locational Problems And Mathematical Programming
Harold W. Kuhn
3. The Multi-Sectoral Theory of Economic Growth
Michio Morishima
4. Experiments in Hungary…

Faggini, Marisa - Coping with the Complexity of Economics, ebook

Coping with the Complexity of Economics

Faggini, Marisa


Models of Risk Management and Decision Support
9. Risk Measuremant and Fair Valuation Assessment in the Life Insurance Field
Mariarosaria Coppola, Valeria D’Amato, Emilia di Lorenzo, Marilena Sibillo
10. Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Rankings

Russell-Walling, Edward - 50 Schlüsselideen Management, ebook

50 Schlüsselideen Management

Russell-Walling, Edward


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Edward Russell-Walling
2. Adhokratie
Edward Russell-Walling
3. Balanced Scorecard
Edward Russell-Walling
4. Benchmarking
Edward Russell-Walling
5. Blue-Ocean-Strategie
Edward Russell-Walling
6. Boston-Matrix
Edward Russell-Walling
7. BPR