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Narula, Kapil - Asia and the Arctic, ebook

Asia and the Arctic

Narula, Kapil


Asian Countries’ Perspectives
4. Challenges in the Arctic Exploitation and Their Impacts on China’s Arctic Position
Ping Su
5. India’s Scientific Endeavours in the Arctic
S. Rajan, K. P. Krishnan
6. A Cooperative Maritime Capacity-Sharing Strategy

 - Towards a Sustainable Asia: Energy, ebook

Towards a Sustainable Asia: Energy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. General Situation of Energy Development in Asia
3. Main Features
4. Main Challenges
5. Main Recommendations
6. Concluding Remarks

Deininger, Klaus - Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa, ebook

Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa

Deininger, Klaus


Table of contents
1. Land Tenure Reforms, Poverty and Natural Resource Management: Conceptual Framework
Stein T. Holden, Keijiro Otsuka, Klaus Deininger
Part I. Land Redistribution Reforms
2. Land Reforms, Caste Discrimination and Land Market…

Brunt, Liam - China from the Inside, ebook

China from the Inside

Brunt, Liam


Table of contents
1. Life on Mars
Liam Brunt
2. Getting There
Liam Brunt
3. A Poison Pen Letter
Liam Brunt
4. The Temple of Heaven
Liam Brunt
5. When the Chips Are Down
Liam Brunt
6. Building Sights