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Finkbeiner, Matthias - Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management, ebook

Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management

Finkbeiner, Matthias


A Life Cycle Stakeholder Management Framework for Enhanced Collaboration Between Stakeholders with Competing Interests
Christina Scandelius, Geraldine Cohen
3. Stakeholder Consultation: What do Decision Makers in Public Policy and Industry Want to Know Regarding

Ríos-Mercado, Roger Z. - Just-in-Time Systems, ebook

Just-in-Time Systems

Ríos-Mercado, Roger Z.


Scheduling Unrelated Parallel Machines with Sequence Dependent Setup Times and Weighted Earliness–Tardiness Minimization
Eva Vallada, Rubén Ruiz
5. Mixed-Integer Programming Models for Flowshop Scheduling Problems Minimizing the Total Earliness and Tardiness

Behnassi, Mohamed - Sustainable Agricultural Development, ebook

Sustainable Agricultural Development

Behnassi, Mohamed


Sustainable Water Management for Irrigated Rice Production
Kruamas Smakgahn
11. Reduction of Water Losses by Use of Alternative Irrigation Techniques in the Aral Sea Drainage Basin
Rebecka Törnqvist, Jerker Jarsjö
12. Use of Surface Modified Inorganic

Sirbiladze, Gia - Extremal Fuzzy Dynamic Systems, ebook

Extremal Fuzzy Dynamic Systems

Sirbiladze, Gia


Monotone Measure Probability Representations and Weighted Fuzzy Statistics
Gia Sirbiladze
3. Extended Extremal Monotone Measures
Gia Sirbiladze
4. Extended Extremal Monotone Measures on Composition Products of Measurable Spaces
Gia Sirbiladze

Almeida, João Paulo - Operational Research, ebook

Operational Research

Almeida, João Paulo


New Approach for Optimization of Construction and Demolition Waste Management: Application to the Lisbon Metropolitan Area
António Rebello de Andrade, Marta Castilho Gomes, Joaquim Duque
2. Existence of Nash Equilibria on Integer Programming Games

Norman, Reid - The Active Female, ebook

The Active Female

Norman, Reid


Prevention and Management of Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in Active Females
13. Prevention and Management of Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in Preadolescent and Adolescent Female Athletes
Mimi Zumwalt
14. Prevention