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Kubota, Jumpei - Sustainable Water Management, ebook

Sustainable Water Management

Kubota, Jumpei


Design: Designing Water Resources Management with Collaborative Activities of Multistakeholders
2. Participatory Approaches to Environmental Management: Future Design for Water Resources Management
Hisaaki Kato, Ken’ichi

Margni, Manuele - Life Cycle Management, ebook

Life Cycle Management

Margni, Manuele


Life Cycle Management: Implementing Sustainability in Business Practice
Guido Sonnemann, Eskinder Demisse Gemechu, Arne Remmen, Jeppe Frydendal, Allan Astrup Jensen
3. Life Cycle Management as a Way to Operationalize Sustainability

Beheim, Einar - Integrated Watershed Management, ebook

Integrated Watershed Management

Beheim, Einar


Sustainable Management of Headwater Resources
Martin J. Haigh
2. Social Science Contributions to Multiple Objective Decision Making within Watersheds
Ted L. Napier
3. Managing Headwater Regions in Australia: Assessing Socio-economic and Resource Sustainability

Schlicht, Wolfgang - Gesundheit systematisch fördern, ebook

Gesundheit systematisch fördern

Schlicht, Wolfgang


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Wolfgang Schlicht
2. Gesundheit, Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung
Wolfgang Schlicht
3. Komplexe Probleme – komplexe Interventionen
Wolfgang Schlicht
4. Erkenntnisse – Werkzeuge – Modelle

Begum, Selina - Flood Risk Management in Europe, ebook

Flood Risk Management in Europe

Begum, Selina


Evolving Concepts in Flood Risk Management: Searching for a Common Language
K.M. De Bruijn, C. Green, C. Johnson, L. McFadden
5. Comrisk – A transnational project of public authorities on coastal risk management

Baz, Ismail Al - Efficient Management of Wastewater, ebook

Efficient Management of Wastewater

Baz, Ismail Al


Cost-Efficiency in Water Management Through Demand Side Management and Integrated Planning
Ralf Otterpohl
18. The LooLoop-Process: The First “Waterless” Flushing Toilet
U. Braun, B. Lindner, T. Lohmann, J. Behrendt,

Kapur, Selim - Sustainable Land Management, ebook

Sustainable Land Management

Kapur, Selim


Soils of the Mediterranean Region, Their Characteristics, Management and Sustainable Use
Pandi Zdruli, Selim Kapur, Ismail Çelik
5. Mountain Anthroscapes, the Case of the Italian Alps
Franco Previtali
6. Development and Challenges of the Anthroscapes