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Jordan, Carl F. - Tropical Forest Ecology, ebook

Tropical Forest Ecology

Jordan, Carl F.


Table of contents
1. Importance of Tropical Forests
2. Characteristics of Tropical Forests
3. Classification of Tropical Forests
4. Deforestation in the Tropics
5. Management of Tropical Forests
6. Plantations and Agroforestry Systems

Anderson, James T. - Wetland Techniques, ebook

Wetland Techniques

Anderson, James T.


Anderson, Florencia L. Zilli, Luciana Montalto, Mercedes R. Marchese, Matthew McKinney, Yong-Lak Park
6. Wetland Fish Monitoring and Assessment
Michael D. Kaller, William E. Kelso, Joel C. Trexler
7. Wetland Wildlife Monitoring and Assessment

Pagano, Marcela C. - Recent Advances on Mycorrhizal Fungi, ebook

Recent Advances on Mycorrhizal Fungi

Pagano, Marcela C.


Taxonomic and Functional Response of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi to Land Use Change in Central Argentina
Silvana Longo, Noelia Cofré, Florencia Soteras, Gabriel Grilli, Mónica Lugo, Carlos Urcelay
8. Mycorrhizas in Agroecosystems
Marcela C. Pagano,

DasGupta, Rajarshi - Participatory Mangrove Management in a Changing Climate, ebook

Participatory Mangrove Management in a Changing Climate

DasGupta, Rajarshi


Table of contents
1. Mangroves in Asia-Pacific: A Review of Threats and Responses
Rajarshi DasGupta, Rajib Shaw
2. Fragile Mangroves and Increasing Susceptibility to Coastal Hazards in Pakistan
Atta-ur Rahman, Samiullah, Rajib Shaw
3. Mangroves in India and Climate Change: An Overview
Kathiresan Kandasamy

Aroca, Ricardo - Symbiotic Endophytes, ebook

Symbiotic Endophytes

Aroca, Ricardo


Fighting Plant Diseases Through the Application of Bacillus and Pseudomonas Strains
Sonia Fischer, Analía Príncipe, Florencia Alvarez, Paula Cordero, Marina Castro, Agustina Godino, Edgardo Jofré, Gladys Mori
10. Functional Diversity of Endophytic Bacteria

Hurban, Patrick - Methods of Microarray Data Analysis V, ebook

Methods of Microarray Data Analysis V

Hurban, Patrick


Yamamoto, Florencia G. Leonardi, Carlos A. de B. Pereira, Hernando A. Portillo
3. Simple Methods for Peak and Valley Detection in Time Series Microarray Data
A. Sboner, A. Romanel, A. Malossini, F. Ciocchetta, F. Demichelis, I. Azzini, E. Blanzieri, R. Dell’Anna