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Senghaas, Dieter - Dieter Senghaas, ebook

Dieter Senghaas

Senghaas, Dieter


Table of contents
1. The Author’s Biographical Notes
Dieter Senghaas
2. The Author’s Selective Bibliography
Dieter Senghaas
3. Towards an Analysis of Threat Policy in International Relations (1974)
Dieter Senghaas
4. Friedrich List and the Basic Problems of Development (1989)
Dieter Senghaas

Lausen, Berthold - Algorithms from and for Nature and Life, ebook

Algorithms from and for Nature and Life

Lausen, Berthold


Music Classification Workshop
51. Comparison of Classical and Sequential Design of Experiments in Note Onset Detection
Nadja Bauer, Julia Schiffner, Claus Weihs
52. Recognising Cello Performers Using Timbre Models