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Suderland, Maja - Inside Concentration Camps: Social Life at the Extremes, ebook

Inside Concentration Camps: Social Life at the Extremes

Suderland, Maja


Terror was central to the Nazi regime, and the Nazi concentration camps were places of horror where prisoners were dehumanized and robbed of their dignity and where millions were murdered. How did prisoners cope with the brutal and degrading conditions of life within the camps?
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Gill, John - Athens, ebook


Gill, John


During the intervening centuries it was occupied by almost every mobile culture in Europe: from its earliest likely settlers, tribes from what is now Albania, to Nazi forces during the second World War, and in between by successive waves of Persians, Macedonians, Romans,

Melican, Brian - Germany, ebook


Melican, Brian


Post-war writing ranges from the spy fiction of Len Deighton to the writers who dissected post-Nazi Germany. The diversity of writing about Germany today encompasses light-hearted accounts and more searching passages taken from an eclectic selection of authors. Recorded