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Landriscina, Franco - Simulation and Learning, ebook

Simulation and Learning

Landriscina, Franco


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Simulation for Learning
Franco Landriscina
2. Simulation and Cognition
Franco Landriscina
3. Models Everywhere
Franco Landriscina
4. Simulation Modeling
Franco Landriscina
5. Simulation-Based Learning
Franco Landriscina
6. Simulations for Thinking

Squazzoni, Flaminio - Agent-Based Computational Sociology, ebook

Agent-Based Computational Sociology

Squazzoni, Flaminio


This book looks at a new research stream that makes use of advanced computer simulation modelling techniques to spotlight agent interaction that allows us to explain the emergence of social patterns. It presents a method to pursue analytical sociology investigations

Bu, Lingguo - Model-Centered Learning, ebook

Model-Centered Learning

Bu, Lingguo


Table of contents
1. Geogebra for Model-Centered Learning in Mathematics Education
Lingguo Bu, Robert Schoen
2. The Strength of the Community
Markus Hohenwarter, Zsolt Lavicza
3. Toward Model-Centered Mathematics Learning and Instruction…